The holidays are coming, and there’s no better way to spend them than watching wintery movies while cuddled up on the couch. Of course, a hot drink in hand or a big, fluffy blanket doesn’t hurt either! The only problem these days, though, is how to decide what to watch. We at PlayStar couldn’t choose, so we turned to US audiences’ data to help us discover what the best Christmas movies are in the US.

What’s your state’s favorite festive movie? The results may surprise you!

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Favorite festive movie per state

Brilliantly, the data tends to reflect a love of seeing one’s own state in a wintery wonderland (whatever that means to you). Perhaps you recognize the street where the main characters are walking down in the snow, or you could imagine yourself being trapped in your parents’ house as a kid because you’ve driven through the neighborhood the movie’s set in.

Some examples of patriotic states and their top movies include:

  • Washington - Sleepless in Seattle
  • Illinois - Home Alone (set in Chicago)
  • Connecticut - Christmas in Connecticut
  • Missouri - Meet Me in St. Louis
  • Minnesota - Jingle All the Way (filmed in the Twin Cities area).

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Perhaps your state doesn’t have its own Christmas movie, but you may subconsciously favor one that’s in the same region!

For example, Vermont were also big fans of Jingle All the Way, and quite a few Southern states loved Edward Scissorhands. Perhaps something about the separate northern or southern climates evokes similar Christmassy feelings to those of your hometown.

On the other hand, some states had unrelated favorites. New Jersey and Pennsylvania were lovers of Jack Frost, while Florida was very into Die Hard.

Most popular holiday movies across the US

1988’s Die Hard was also the favorite across the US! Eight states named the franchise’s debut as their all-time Christmas movie. Others argue whether it should be classed as a festive movie at all, but if eight whole states think so, we’re happy to let that slide.

Other popular movies were Home Alone and Edward Scissorhands, which won the votes of four states each. Elf and Christmas with the Kranks were next on the list.

There were quite a few individual favorites by different states, such as Scrooged, Nightmare before Christmas, Meet Me in St. Louis, and It’s a Wonderful Life! If anything, this shows how many great movies are out there to love at Christmas time.

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The most anticipated releases of 2022

There are plenty of new releases to get excited about this year, and it seems many people are! According to overall search volumes, Violent Night is the most anticipated holiday movie of 2022. It’ll be released at the start of December and stars David Harbour of Stranger Things. We Need a Little Christmas was the next highest search, before Netflix’s Falling For Christmas, starring Lindsay Lohan.

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Hallmark Channel




Netflix has plenty of other festive movies to keep you entertained this season, with releases like Christmas in Wonderland, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, The Noel Diary, and Christmas With You all in the top ten for online searches this past month. And with 35 new releases this year alone it is by far the most prolific platform. Theaters (7) and other channels like the once “king of Christmas”: Hallmark (5) simply cannot keep up. Interestingly Disney + will have only one new release. Quality over quantity perhaps?

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Who’s feeling festive?!

Now that we’ve given you the low-down on festive movies to delve into this winter, we wanted to find out which of you will be most likely to get into the Christmas spirit.

We used Google trends to identify which states were feeling most ‘Christmassy’.

Ranking at the top was Indiana, which is not too surprising since they have a town named Santa Claus which hosts Christmas-themed attractions year-round! Citizens of Indiana must constantly be feeling ready for Christmas. Next on the list were Ohio, Kentucky, and Utah. Each has their mixture of traditions, from streets (and zoos) of Christmas lights to Christmas tree forests and Dickens Christmas Festivals. It’s no wonder these states feel so festive when there are so many fun Christmas activities to get stuck into!

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The Christmas spirit-ometer