PlayStar Casino has joined forces with Maxima Compliance where Maxima will provide a unique in-house service to ensure PlayStar Casino meets and exceeds its regulatory, compliance, and responsible gambling needs.

Under the partnership, Maxima Compliance will provide dedicated resources to PlayStar Casino via unique in-house engagement, assisting the online casino brand through preparation, pre and post launch compliance needs.

This will allow PlayStar Casino to focus on building its value proposition to its players, safe in the knowledge a dedicated team of compliance professionals is there to ensure the business is exceeding its compliance needs and creating the safest environment for its players.

At the heart of PlayStar Casino’s offering is the immersive experience that visitors receive each and every time they walk through the casino’s digital doors. 

This will be achieved through personalization, engagement, and exemplary customer service that makes players feel like they are the star of the show. 

Adam Noble, Executive Vice President at PlayStar Casino, said: “Our value proposition is centered on the player experience, therefore it is critical to establish that experience on a solid foundation of meeting and exceeding our obligations with regard to compliance, KYC, AML, and responsible gambling as a baseline. Our partnership with Maxima will ensure this foundation is in place and maintained, and that we’re proving the most secure, safe, and responsible gaming experience to our players”

“We have a lot of plates spinning as the momentum of our US launch builds and we’re very pleased to be partnering with the Maxima team to continue this momentum.” 

Antonio Zanghi , CEO at Maxima Compliance, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to support PlayStar Casino’s entry into New Jersey, which comes at an exciting time for us as we open our first office in the US, in that state. The Maxima team has supported several clients in multiple US markets in different capacities and we’re very pleased to announce this partnership with PlayStar Casino and establishment of Maxima Compliance in the local market to support it.” 

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